What Is Brain Fog And How To Get Rid Of It

Are you experiencing any sort of abnormal decrease in your cognitive performance? If so, then the chances of you suffering from brain fog may be pretty high. So, what is brain fog? Well, when we look at the clinical definition of brain fog, it is feelings of mental confusion or lack of mental clarity. More specifically, these can include things such as poor memory, multitasking, difficulty focusing, overworking and struggling with articulation. Simply put, if your brain is lacking in performance and if it is feeling a way that it doesn’t normally feel, then brain fog could be the result. Now, we know what it is, so how do we get rid of it? In short, the answer is pay very, close attention to the things that could possibly be causing it.

Whenever you experience an episode of brain fog, when you recover and your brain feels back to normal, take a step back and observe what you did throughout the day before the brain fog took place. You have to try to find some things that could be the probable cause so that you can connect the dots, and know not to repeat those things in the future. That is what we recommend you do, but here are some ways on how you can get rid of it and could be in direct correlation to the root of the problem.

How To Get Rid of It?

There are quite a few approaches that anyone can take to get rid of their brain fog, but these are the most common and proven ways on how to get the job done.

Change Your Diet

Take a very, close look at your diet and what you are consuming. Be honest with yourself in this area. We know how difficult it is for anyone to watch their diet and potentially give up any foods that they love eating regularly, but you may have to make that sacrifice if it is costing you pain and brain fog. If you feel that your sugar intake is too high, you may need to pull back on the sodas, and baked goods and candies for a while. Another cause of brain fog could be excessive caffeine and in this case, you would need to pull back on the coffee, or simply drink more water and that is actually our next point.

Drink More Water

Your brain fog could simply be a result of the fact that you may be dehydrated. You have to understand that your body is approximately 90% water. That being said, it is important that you consume a good volume of water on a daily basis, as well as the right kind of water. Try to steer clear from tap water because, depending on your area, it could be contaminated. Try some store bought water and make sure you get a good volume, everyday.

Get More Sleep

Lack of sleep could also be a root cause of your brain fog. Simply turn off the TV a couple hours earlier so that you can get more sleep before going to work in the morning. This can also go along with your diet and your water and you want to make sure you aren’t eating and drinking too late to your bedtime as this can hinder your sleep and keep you up at night.

Conclusion: What Is Brain Fog And How To Get Rid Of It

For the most part, brain fog is an easy fix when you follow these steps on how to get rid of it. One thing that we cannot stress enough is to simply take a look at your actions throughout the day. What do you eat and what are you doing that could potentially be the root of your brain fog? When you find the cause of the problem, you will be on your way to coming up with the solution.

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