How To Immediately Stop An Anxiety Attack

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’re looking for ways on how to immediately stop an anxiety attack. You want to stop it dead in its tracks so that no other detrimental health issues arise from it. We totally understand that, because anxiety attacks happen very often and should always have a secret weapon that will immediately put an end to them.

They can be extremely overwhelming and have many physical and emotional symptoms that will give you the trigger that they are about to happen. Many often occur in ways such as sweating profusely, chest pain, feeling of detachment from reality, difficulty breathing, trembling, feeling of heart pounding, and other symptoms that are signs of them happening. Now that we are aware of the different ways that they can manifest themselves, let’s discuss some remedies on how to immediately stop an anxiety attack.

Use Deep Breathing

Using deep breathing when it comes to ways on how to immediately stop an anxiety attack is extremely effective. It calms the mind, and it also massages all of your internal organs. It delivers oxygen evenly throughout your body and this allows you to return back to a normal, calm state. This is also great if hyperventilating is one of the symptoms that you show when you are under an anxiety attack.

Engage In Light Exercise – Go For A Walk

When you engage in light exercise, such as taking a walk, you not only get the blood moving and normalize the pressure, but you also activate what is called the parasympathetic nervous system. This is CRUCIAL when you are attempting to calm both the body and the mind. The nervous system that activates when you are stressed or could potentially be in an increased state of anxiety is the sympathetic nervous system. Your body is either in one of these two states, and engaging in light exercise is one of the ways that can serve as a control switch.

Repeat A Mantra To Yourself

As the old saying goes: As above, so below. When you calm your mind, your body follows and calms as well. This is where you can repeat a calming, reassuring mantra in your head to yourself such as: “This attack is temporary and will pass quickly.” There is a lot of room for you to play with this, but the key is to find a calming, reassuring statement that you can repeat to yourself when you feel an attack coming on and this will help you to relax, and just let it pass as if it never happened. Try different mantras and notice how you feel when you say them. If you start to feel GOOD, that is the key that you’ve got a winning mantra.

Conclusion: How To Immediately Stop An Anxiety Attack

You may want to keep these, three ways in your back pocket when you are looking for methods on how to immediately stop an anxiety attack, because they are extremely effective. The best part of all, they aren’t any drugs or anything that you have to carry with you at all times that could potentially cause other unwanted side effects. These are natural methods and they are with you wherever you go.

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